• Facility Services
    Hospital and Clean Room Operations and Training
    Administrative building maintenance, operations and training
    Embassy, Operation Center, ER and Surgery or Control Room
    We know how to operate your facility or train your staff
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  • Operational Training
    Middle Eastern and Sub-Sahara African terrorism ideology
    Weapons qualification and IED recognition
    Training at the largest high-desert special operations
    training center in the USA
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  • Domestic, International and Maritime
    Security Services
    Adaptable to conditions around the world
    Counter Measure specialist
    Fixed-site and Movable-Site specialist
    Site Security Surveys and Assessments
    with recommended mitigation
  • New government development
    Foreign policy development and implementation
    Special Projects
    Civil-military coordination
    Non-Government Organization (NGO) Management
  • Full-scope life support
    Site development and management
    Communications and Transportation
    Portable housing and Office units
    Emergency Response and Management

We provide powerful Security Services and a whole lot more.

Warthan Group International, LLC. can assemble a large team train security folks guard embassy set up field medical facilities train locals

W.G.In. is a multi-layered and diversified services company.

Tasks conducted can be as prime contractor, subcontractor, or as primary consultant or advisor. Numerous members of the W.G.In. team are of unlimited specialties and expertise, and capable of supporting military and civilian operations.

Security Services

Security services are of many flavors. Services can be of the smallest domestic type to the largest of world assistance. Security can be behind the scenes or right up front. Security can be of IT nature as well personal and asset protection.

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Operations cover a wide spectrum. We realize that operations can be of an already established plan or has to be developed. W.G.In. can do both.

    Operations can:
  • cover support, transportation, site services, continuous operation, training and more.
  • be conducted with strictly US personal or a mixture of TCNs.
  • include construction, renovation, and supporting facility ops.
  • consist heavy of logistics and service support, or assist in acquisition and movement.
  • be linguistic specific or multicultural.
  • can also be supported by multi- established contacts and associates, prepared and ready to serve.

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